💼 FakeJobs API


This easy-to-use REST API offers you free fictitious job offers to integrate into your test applications. The API runs on NodeJS using the ExpressJS framework.


Find an example of a front-end application that I developed in ReactJS that uses this REST API : https://example.fakejobsapi.camillerakoto.fr

How to use the REST API

Here is an example of a GET request response :

            "id": "0",
            "name": "Microsoft",
            "author": "microsoft@company.com",
            "date": "06-24-2022",
            "salary": "3000 USD",
            "fulltime": false,
            "city": "London",
            "zipcode": "80000",
            "country": "United Kingdom",
            "title": "Engineer in Machine Learning",
            "content": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit...",
            "logo": "https://cours-informatique-gratuit.fr/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/microsoft.png"

You can therefore use this type of GET request :


Of course, you can pass all the above attributes as parameters to the URL :

id, name, author, date, salary, fulltime (false or true), city, zipcode, country, title, content, logo (not useful)

If you want to search for everything without any particular parameter then just go to this URL :



If you want to contribute to improve the REST API by adding jobs for example, please contact me : camillerak05@gmail.com


Website : https://camillerakoto.fr
Github : https://github.com/Camillerkt/FakeJobs-API